“Have A Good Time”…

September 20th, 2018

As the US deals with more senseless gun violence,

Republicans, All Attacking a ‘Sexual Assault’ Victim

(We know)

and Right Wing Media ignoring Anita Hill hearings

We still have Donny Dipshit “playing at president”

and royally fucking it up. While visiting decimated

parts of the Carolina’s he said “have a good time”

Followed, by Telling Another Man Who’s Boat Was

destroyed “at least you got a nice boat of the deal”

This guy is so Fucking insanely shitty at being any

kind of Human Being. He’d be A better Serial killer

than President. But he’d still manage to screw that

(<-Outta Touch)

up too I Am Guessing. Remember, VOTE, or this is

lunacy will only get way Worse. Register, and vote!

These people still need help, so donate $ or time to

help others. Thanks to all the tireless workers there

NOTE: Cohen Is Giving Mueller Everything He Needs
And More. Mueller Already Had Almost Everything, &
Now He’s Getting Way More. It’s Over For Trump, Etl
They Got The Trump¬†Organization’s Accountant Allen
Weisselberg Spilling, Manafort, and Cohen. So DONE
NOTE II: Christine Blasey Ford WILL Testify But with
Conditions. And, is Still ‘Seeking’ an FBI investigation
She is simply Ensuring this Isn’t a Political Smear Job

Have a day!

Trump’s Fucked & Backfire…

September 19th, 2018

Trump “Wants” Unredacted Confidential

Information ‘about’ Cater Page & Russia

(“This cell?”)

probe 4 a Partisan political ploy released

In What Will Be Nail #5,879 he is in such

deep shit. It Crossed a ‘red line’ with the

FBI & DOJ in Exposing Our Active Agents

and secret methods. This will destroy him

Speakin’ of Really Bad Decisions. GOP’ers

plan to address serious Attempted rape is

Let’s Attack the Victim of Attempted rape,

then “Ignore” the serious Charges against

Brett. Wow, so seems like A Bang up Plan


there guys. What could go Wrong?!?!?!?!?

Republicans do have Their ‘Base’, but that

is it these days. Independents are running

away from them at Warp speed. Which all

effects These Upcoming Elections. Doesn’t

matter unless you Canvas, register & vote!

NOTE: Trump Says, He’s Not “Worried About
Manafort”. Since ‘Every Day’ Is Opposite Day
That Means He’s Freaking Out. He Should Be
NOTE II: Willie Nelson, Tells Angry Trumpers
“I Don’t Care”. Perfectly Said Ha Ha Ha Ha ha

Have a day!

And Now, The Hate…

September 18th, 2018

The Reich Wing Today is not consistent,

they have No Honor, no Kindness, & no

(No shit!)

moral Footing. It Is Just the “Sociopath”

Wild West, where Republicans never do

anything Wrong, & Democrats ‘Existing’

is an Afront to humanity. It’s cult group

think shit, will Kill their party & is dying

off as Fast As Their “Base”. They are all

Blindly ‘Defending’ Kavanaugh, Because

he’s on their “Team”. It’s a series of lies,

excuses & Ignoring His Actions. All Their


smears will get worse, it won’t work and

they will All be branded the villains they

truly are. Those R Senators up for Their

Re-election lives can cast a Vote for this

guy & Will Lose. So I’m Looking at Cruz,

Heller, Wicker, Hyde – Smith. Please Do

proceed. Your Tiny leads will go away &

you will lose your seats. You already did

when you lost your Souls. Ooooooooops

NOTE: Kavanaugh’s Buddy, Mark Judge Is
ONE Massive, Racist, Homophobic, Hateful
Chauvinist Prick, And He Wrote Everything
About His Views Down. Oooooops. Busted!

Have a day!

Kavanaugh’s Collapsing…

September 17th, 2018

As the Orange Toddler Tries To Pretend His

entire world, family and job aren’t at Stake


we have the woman now stepping forward

in the Brett Kavanaugh Charges. Christine

Blasey Ford is Her Name. And our Country

will NEVER Forget it. She is A 51 Year Old

research Psychologist Holding a Doctorate

She has already made a Vivid account and

taken A Lie Detector Test. He denies these

Charges. Funny, I Thought He Didn’t Know

who ‘she’ was and when she came forward

he said “I had no idea who was making the

(Times Up)

accusation until she identified herself”. Oh

boy. That means he knew her. He will also

confirm he & his buddy were there. He will

confirm everything but the crime itself and

he Surely Did it. This isn’t About Politics or

party or Bullshit. This is About Committing

a heinous crime then denying he did solely

to gain power…’s the root of all evil here

No ‘Vote’ until all the facts come in. Period

NOTE: Sean Penn Does not Like the #MeToo
At All. Who Wants To Bet He Has Allegations
Or Has Had Them Paying Them Off. Make No
Mistake. Not All Allegations Are = But Simply
If/When They Are Made, Should All Be Taken
Seriously. Let the Facts Out, But He is Wrong
And, Just Consider The FUCKIN’ Source Folks

Have a day!

Guilty Plea & Attempted Rape…

September 14th, 2018

With All our love, 1st responders and aid for

those Hit so Hard by Florence, just stay safe

(Yes he is)

Paul Manafort plead GUILTY to Conspiracy

Against the United States and one count of

Conspiracy To ‘Obstruct’ Justice. He is Now

cooperating With Mueller. Oooooooooooops

He’s doin’ this right before his trial which Is

ALL about Collusion with the Russians, just

to avoid dying in jail. But, know “this” now:

The charges Will Only Be Dropped upon his

full Cooperation Producing Successful Facts,


documents and information to aid Mueller’s

team. In other words, No New Dirt, Still Jail

We are now inside the Room with Don Jr, &

everyone. Trump and Everyone Around him

are ALL going down. Oh, who suggested the

Mike Pence Pick Again?!?!? Oh, it’s Manafort

Oh and he Can’t use his lawyer when talking

Brett Kavanaugh, in “High school”, Had That

“Rapey Feeling”. Wow, this guy is a one sick

(“I rape!”)

fuck if true. It’s also very true because right

Away, R-Chuck “I Already Knew About This”

Grassley Dropped the most Insane Letter in

which They Don’t Dispute The Claim but say

“Well, these Other 65 Women Who he didn’t

try to rape seem to like him just fine”. Gross

Have a weekend!

Sociopath Monster & The Slur…

September 13th, 2018

You’d think Trump Couldn’t Hit a Brand new

low?!?! Well, you don’t know his hateful and

(Nothin Left)

racist Sociopathic nature then. He’s has now

denied Puerto Rico’s death toll for hurricane

Maria. WTF?!?!?! Such An Evil, Vile, Monster

No matter, he Will be Dying in Jail Soon and

wondering how it All Happened. Speaking of

hateful racist assholes, the piece of shit does

not fall far from the toilet……or bed dependin

if he’s in Russia Or Not. His Ghoul Son Of An

(Bat Boy)

ass Eric Decided His Anti-Semitic Comments

about Bob Woodward’s book were so needed

Did Nazi that comin (rolls eyes) Yes, I’m lazy

They can’t talk facts/policy, so they go Racist

NOTE: Diane Feinstein, Just Turned Over A Big
Document To The FBI. Kavanaugh’s In Trouble
NOTE II: Manafort Has A Tentative Plea Deal &
It Means, He’s Willing To ‘Provide Mueller’ With
Even MORE Than He Has. Game Over Folks!!!!!

Have a day!

Sorry No Post Today…

September 12th, 2018

Insert Something In here that Trump &

idiot assholes did cause that’s what this

would likely have anyway. Too much of

my other work to do and not enough of

me to Go Around. Eww Chilling thought

Have a day!

Kavanaugh Hurt & Orange Idiot…

September 11th, 2018

Right Now, in Public Polling, With The Mid-Terms

around the corner, the nomination of Kavanaugh

(Member me?!?)

is in Harriet Miers (-1) & Dropping Territory. Ohh

boy, he’s in deep shit. They picked a Partisan Toy

ideologue. That is Not Gonna Get it Done. Call all

of your reps today telling them to vote no on him

Speaking of Batshitcrazy. ‘Orange Anus’ is Now at

it Again With Today’s Pile of dumbass. Everything

from “I helped save people on 9/11”, to making a

“hell yeah” face at the flight 93 memorial to water

(Orange Toddler)

is “tremendously” wet. Wow, this guy is a fucking

insane, Asshole, “Lying prick”, son of Bitch Moron

It’s “Killing” His Already Historically Low Approval

ratings. So what will Mueller hit us with this week?

NOTE: Hurricane Florence Is Coming. It ‘Will Be’, A Very
Large Category 4. All Those In The Carolina’s Leave And
Please Be Safe. That Goes for My Brother & His Wife Joy

Have a day!

Trump Watch & Racist Cartoon…

September 10th, 2018

The Orange Anus is Not Having A Good last

2 years. It’s gonna get worse by every little

(“He’s Dumb!”)

passing second. As the tiny Fingered prick

watches his world crashing all around him

The rest of The Entire Country Is Ready to

VOTE against allthings Trump this Nov 6th

His time is almost up, jail looms. But all of

The Republicans, Have “Killed” Their Party

There was a horribly racist as all Shit balls

cartoon. Ever notice Racists all Hate being

“called” racists, For doing racist shit?!?!?!?

NOTE: CBS Still Very Liable For Les Moonves For
His Harassment, And Abusing Woman. Oooooops
NOTE II: Fucker Carlson, Isn’t Hiding’ His Racisty
Hateful Views anymore. He echo’s the exact Hate
From, All Known White Supremacists. Ooooooops

Have a day!

Obama delivered a great speech today. Yes,

he was Always Good for one of those, but it

(<-Real Leader)

wasn’t Enough. These Days, That Is like ice

cold water after Trudging through a Cheeto

dusted Dessert. His One Message This Nov.,

VOTE~!!! Shatter Turnout Records & VOTE

Oh Speaking of Lunacy, Lindsay “I Support

all Racist Lying immoral Assholes” Graham

thinks ” Abortion” should be “banned”. Yes,

you read it right. He thinks since it was not

(<-Big Liar!)

IN the Constitution to begin with, get rid of

it. Cool no more “guns” then. Only muskets

Do not let Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS folks

NOTE: George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14
Days In Prison. Oooooooooops. More Are Also
Coming. Trump & Crew should all be Terrified
NOTE II: Evil Asshole ‘Shoots Up’ A Cincinnati
Bank. 3 Died & 2 Were Badly Wounded. He Is
Now Dead. This Madness Must End Right Now

Have a weekend!

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