Oh, John McCain…

July 26th, 2017

How far you’ve fallen. History will

not be “Kind” to you what-so-ever

(Not Smart)

By now youall must already know

that Republicans Voted With a VP

tie Breaker Simply to Debate This

Hideous Odious Hateful Shitty Bill

The only two R’s who really Voted

against this Train Wreck were two

woman: Collins & Murkowski. The

big take Away was John McCain &

it makes ZERO sense. He had this

great speech, but his VOTE to still

(We know)

‘Debate’ A FAILED Concept Is Just

An ‘Ignorant Vile Evil’. See His Big

speech didn’t match his vote and

Set aside he has a brain Tumor, &

for him to Show Up was an Action

of strength. But his Vote was NOT

No matter, Tuesday Night So very

late, They lost on Gutting the ACA

57-43. If they’re playing games on

This, It’s Just As Bad. This is likely

(So long!)

2 be dead since they’ve a massive

Division Between Moderates, And

the Far Right With All This inanity

But these Games with our citizens


It’ll Be Punished At The Ballot Box

NOTE: The Treasonous Orange Ass
Decided To, Unconstitutionally Add
Transgender Discrimination, Going
Against An Equal Protection Clause
No Matter, ‘Legally’ He Can’t And It
Will Die Just Like All His Failed Shit
Its SOLELY To Stop All The Russian
Heat He Has Melting Him. Noooope
(A New Hero Beck Emerges Just To
Confront Trump Face To Face Bam)

Have a day!

The “Laundry” Man…

July 25th, 2017

These Days no matter if Trump is

doing his Klu Klux Scouts Schtick


Setting a New Low of Hateful lies

turning it into a Hitler youth rally

Or tryin’ to get AG jeff Session to

Quit, One Thing Is Perfectly clear

The Walls are Closing in and He’s

in A World Of Hurt. And The Best

Part?!?!?! He knows it. His direct

Financial Ties To The Russians, &

Kremlin have been Goin’ on since

The Mid -80’s. He Is Their Money


“Laundering Mat”. This, Is Not In

Question, never was. Trump gets

it & Realizes Mueller’s Crew know

as well. Trump is on record sayin’

“I have Nothing To do with Russia,
I have no Investments in Russiaaa
none whatsoever, uhh I don’t have
property in Russia….and I am ahh
in very, ah ah I mean I am in total
compliance, in every way. I built a
great company but im not involved
with Russia. I have, Had “dealings”
over the years where I sold a house
to a this very wealthy russian many
years ago. I Had, the Miss Universe
Pageant—Which I Owned for Quite
a while — I had it in Moscow a long
time ago but other than that, I have
nothing to do with Russia… says
(Just a simple letter from this legal
that any chump could get) I am not
involved in Russian loans no nothin”

Ahem, over 3 & A 1/2 decades say

otherwise my lying Orange Anus &

you can can Bet your Tax returns’ll

show it as Well. Ooooooooooooops

NOTE : Senate Lunacy Continues, As
Mitch, “Turtle Face” McConnell, Tried
To Pretend Votin To “Debate” Is The
Same As Voting For Their Healthcare
Trump Hate Bill. They’re Batshitcrazy
It’s A Mystery Bill Designed To Divide

Have a day!

The latest Hired lyin’ Machine

to cover for Drumpf is Named

(<-Lying Whore)

Tony Sackofmooching; and he

joins a magical list of lying ass

hole Treason enabling fuckers

This is the same Guy who just

“bashed” trump years ago. Oh

so now we know he’s a Hooker

We’re Just Haggling Price Now

And That Price is Rock Bottom

He was hired To lie coverin’ Up

the grave damage of the russia

& “Special Prosecutor” Mueller’s

(“Remember me?!?”)

findings. Except This Tony my

man….when you lie for anyone

who committed/is committing

Treason/Obstruction, Or Even

Collusion, YOU’RE in it as well

His “Job” is to Reboot a Failed

Presidency. Tall order & failed

(Obama ‘destroyed’ him in 09)

Trumper Tantrum 9.Blow

Trump Bashed Sessions Again

He also Cried Like A little tiny

(Going down!)

Puss Claiming “Hey, All Those

GOP Congressmen Don’t have

my fat lying racist Treasonous

back”. Trumps “goal” here is a

Session Resignation so He can

hire Another lying Treasonous

yes man to fire Mueller. Oh, &

you can bet with all Donny Jr’s

(Lie 7 Trillion)

Wednesday “private” interview

instead of “Public”. As Far as a

Nothing Burger he’s a whooper

Jr. The Walls are closing in fast

NOTE : And Now, Richard Milhouse
Kushner, Incorrectly Claims, “I Am
Not A Crook!!”. So, The Guy Who’s
‘Lied’, On Every Security Clearance
Form; “Didn’t Collude, With Russia”
Forgive Me But Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
TOMORROW: Democrats Tone Deaf
Messagin’ Is Ignorantly Out Of Step
They Best Get With The Best Bernie
Wing, & Policy Progressives Or Lose

Have a day!

White Sox “Rebuild”…

July 21st, 2017

If you’re a White Sox fan like me


we now have the #1 farmsystem

in all of MLB. Whoooooo Hoooooo

The future Sure Looks Bright and

for now We Will Lose BUT an end

is sight. In 2-3 years, Look out!!!

NOTE: Trump Tries, To Figure Out
Ways To “Pardon Himself”. Ha Ha!
Oh Fucking Boy They’re All Fucked
They Are All Going Down And Sean
Spicer Just Jumped Off The Trump
Tanic. Rats Have A Way Of Knowin

Have a weekend!

Orange One is Dreading All forms

of “Sessions”. From Therapy, to a


any weight loss, to the AG Jeffrey

Trump can’t seem to ever get out

of the Way of Himself these Days

It is a Rather Common Tale in his

world of Lies, Hate & Treason. So,

he now lashed out at Ag Sessions

AND, “Threatened” Mueller, ‘The’

DOJ’s Special Prosecutor. Ha ha!

He Didn’t Threaten So much as a

“Warn” about any of his Finances

(“Under Bus”)

not Tied t0 Russia. Ahem they all

ARE, You Insane lying Fuckabout

To say he’s “lost it” is an insult to

“It”. He, never HAD “It”. He Now,

“Regrets” Appointing Sessions To

the AG position because he won’t

lie/Cover Shit up & then Recused

himself. Walls are closin’ in, bigly

NOTE: OJ Simpson ‘Paroled’ Today
Ohhhhhh Boy. Well, He Served His
Time & Only Time Will Tell On This
When You Look At The Violent Acts
On Their Necks, That Man’s So Still
Inside Him. It ‘Best’ All Stay Inside
NOTE II: Senator John McCain Has
A ‘Brain Tumor’ Hope He Gets Help
And Fights This. The Good News Is,
HE, Has Excellent Healthcare, Irony

Have a day!

Loud lying Orange Cowboy, & a

Stupid Batshit – Insane Fireman

(<-Cow Pie!)

Everything Around Him Fails At

Historic Levels. Healthcare?!?!?

Nope. Any Legislative Wins?!?!

Nope. ANYTHING Aside From a

stolen SCOTUS pick confirmed?

N-O-P-E. And so now after their

failed TrumpDoesn’tCare pile of

creamed shit, Trump/TeaOP’ers

are trying to Run From It As if it


wasn’t their War Cry for 8 Years

Nope, you own this shit show, &

deserve everything coming from

it all of You lyin’ Villainous fucks

NOTE: Pure Horror, As Minnesota
Cop Shoot & Kill Innocent Woman
Justine Ruszczyk She Called Cops
For Help, On Hearing A POSSIBLE
Sexual Assault They Shot Her And
Killed Her, In Cold Blood. The Cop
Was An African American, & Their
Victim Was A Caucasian Woman It
Is Purely Evil Shit. Their Body Cam
Was Magically ‘Turned Off’. Not At
All Acceptable. This Must Be Fixed
NOTE II : Donny Jr. And, ‘Brother’
Who Looks Like 1 Of Those Village
Damned Kids Eric, Are “Miserable”
Booo Fucking Hoooo, You Two Big
Sociopathic ‘Brats’. He, Just Wants
“These 4 Years To Be Over!”. Ohhh
Kid, You’re Not Lasting ‘That Long
UPDATE: Fox News Reporter Rips
Huckabee Sanders With Big Zinger
By Reporter For Never Holding On
Camera Briefings. It’s Actually, All
Against The 1st Amendment. Oops

Have a day!

TrumpDoesn’tCare Fails…

July 18th, 2017

“I make the best deals!!!”. Ha ha ha

The Repeal Bill to End Obamacare is

(Joke’s on you!)

Dead. They lost around 5 Votes But

Could Only Stand, 2 Lost At Most. It

is An Epic Collapse. Trumpy ‘Knows’

nothing about this Bill or Healthcare

at all. Make no mistake this is pretty

big. They Failed. Trump hasn’t had 1

single Clean Legislative victory yet &

it seems he never Will. Russia looms

and, Special Prosecutor Mueller Is In

(<-Toilet Paper?)

full Work Mode. Notice, not A single

“leak”. Air Tight & Outta Sight. They

are all Legally Going down. Make no

mistake, Voters Are Pissed At All the

R’s vote and them all ignorin serious

Russian Collusion / Treason Charges

Keep sailing directly into your certain

political death guys. Yes, you own it!

NOTE: An 8th Russian Ike Kaveladze
Attended The Don Jr., Kushy Meeting
He’s Directly Tied, To The Agalarov’s
NOTE: LOOK At “This” Exchange And
More “Importantly” LOOK Directly At
Jared Kushners Face/’Reaction’ Smirk
Right At 20:40, And The Smirk 20:46
Knowing Everything, We Know Today
This, Is ‘Disgustingly Evil Shit’ People

Have a day!

“Clown Car” Meeting…

July 17th, 2017

Ever had a meeting, Where Another 4-5

people attended? Oooooooooooooooops

(How many fit?)

Donny Jr’s “Meeting” Had Other Russian

Operatives in that Room. Meet one Rinat

Akhmetshin, A ‘Russian Lobbyist’. Trump

Sr. Lawyer Jay Sekulow lied about secret

service Not Checking This meeting. They

all Pushed back very Hard. The walls are

closing in, and it’s almost over. This isn’t

some joke. This is our Counties future at

stake & Treason isn’t a Partisan issue it’s

a National One. Trump’s Approval Rating


Is At 36% And Sinking. In The Next Two

months, it all Goes South. They are all in

DEEP shit. It’s Really Just Shit Quicksand

The harder they fight the faster they sink

NOTE: Spicer Tries To “Defend” Trump Jr
And It Goes About As Well As You’d Think
It Should. But Off Camera Lying Assholes
Hate Sunlight They Prefer the Dark, Nope

Have a day!

The Slick Big Sick…

July 14th, 2017

Go see it, a friend of mine is in it

(Chicago baby!)

I’ll be going Very Soon cause I’ve

heard such Great things bout this

Hell it’s got my Favorite character

in it; the City of Chicago. Boooom

Have a weekend!

And, Contusion, Injunction, Intervention,

Tribulation all describe the lunacy that is


Kellyanne Conway. She Went On TV and

played “Unhinged Moron” Sesame Street

with odd Word association games simply

to “Distract” from the Shellshocking Don

Jr e-mails where he Admitted he wanted

Collusion, With The Russian Government

They aren’t even holding any more Press

briefings on Camera. They Are all off the

Camera Because Trump/Aids Don’t want

(Read this!)

to ever answer anything. Especially WSJ

piece that directly connects all Trumps $

Directly, To Russia. I Already Posted this

stuff before. But it Bears repeatin’ and it

is not Going Away. Tick Tock, tickity tock

NOTE: Pence Spokeman, Won’t Say “No!”
When Directly Asked, “Did Pence Meet W
Any Reps Of The “Russian” Government?”
NOTE II: Finally, A “Trumper”, Really Did
Make The Cover of Time Magazine For All
The ‘Wrong Reasons”, With Don Trump Jr.

Have a day!

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