Shutdown “Over”, Maybe…

January 22nd, 2018

Ohhhhh Boy, the Democrats Folded like

a Coked up Origami expert. It’s only for


3 weeks, they had to “Trust” McConnell

Which’s just Like “trusting” Lucy With A

Fucking Football if You’re Charlie Brown

The bill Would Extend Funding until Feb

8th…..then we’re right back in the same

fucking place. DACA was shelved so the

Republicans, Will Use DACA, To Execute

a more Racist hateful version since they

All Think, “Most Minority” Driven Places

(No Shit)

are all “shitholes”. So why did the dems

do this Hideous temp deal?!? Because it

Is In their Dumbass Pussy Nature. Booo

They’re “Worried” about any Vulnerable

seats In Red States. Guess What All The

fucking Republicans didn’t Care when it

Came To Doing ‘NOTHING’ Ever. Said It

before & I’ll say it Again. The Dem’s Are

simply “weak” suckers. Dreams are now

waiting Until Feb 8th to get Fucked over

(We Know)

by Racist Lying Asshole Republicans and

a Democratic Party Willing to Help Them

After one Year of Republicans controlling

all 3 Branches Of Government & We Get

Tax Cuts and a Shutdown. Bang up work

NOTE: Paul “Lying” Ryan Takes Koch Bro’s
Bribe, Of $500,000, For Passing Their TAX
CUTS. These People Are Simply Sociopaths
Until We Axe Citizens United, It Is All Legal

Have a day!

Racists. Believe me! A racist lackey he

hired named Carl Higbie just Resigned

(<-Racist POS)

Oh, why is that you ask?!?!?! Well it is

all his extensive racist, homophobic &

overtly Nazi views. Such a charmer he

is…as is Gorka who also has An Arrest

warrant Out For Him in Hungry, Sarah

Fuckabee Sanders Jeffey Elf Sessions,

Bannon, and so Many Many Many More

While most all are gone save for Jeffey

(We Know)

It Tells You EXACTLY Who “He” Thinks

are “the best”. Oh overt hateful racists

There will be “more” of these out daily

NOTE : Trump, So Now Very Pro-Life Or
Only Pro-White Life. Forget He Isn’t The
Guy 4 Pro-Life At All. The Pussy Grabber
And Creep Means, They Are Not Pro-Life

Have a weekend!

This Is Solely About DACA and “Shitholes”

and CHIP. They Are Doing This To try and

(Always R’S)

get Democrats to agree with all horrifically

unjust policies they never would. This isn’t

bipartisan. It’s Solely PARTISAN & By The

Republicans. So what’s in The Budget? Oh,

a Fucking Wall, Slashes The Budget killing

Off Much Needed Programs & Bloated Tax

cuts And ‘Bloating’ The Military even more”

The Reason Repubs, Who, Have Controlled

Congress for the last 8 Years added in Chip

was to use It to blame Democrats for never


voting for it with, “You Evil Jerks hurt kids”

They Are Basically Saying, “Go vote for this

poisoned budget which has over 100 things

only WE want and piles of PORK, then you

get CHIP….or we will blame you guys”. The

reason Republicans Never “Passed” a clean

CHIP bill, was to Use it As Bait; truly a pile

of Assholes. And how Fucking Dumb is Our

(“I’m Coming!”)

Orange Anus. Fucking Way Too Stupid For

his Own Bad. This Shit is Utterly Sickening

NOTE : The Only “Fake” Awards Trump Was
Able To Do, Was An Error Message Which Is
Pretty Fucking Fitting, For His Entire ‘Career’

Have a day!

The Exodus, Flip & Bannon…

January 17th, 2018

Republicans, the Only Sane one’s left Today

are all Heading For The Exits. What exactly

(We Know)

did they buy tickets for?!?!?!?!? History will

not be kind to the Cotton’s, Perdue’s or any

one else lyin’ for his hate like Sanders, FOX

Spicer, Sessions, Ryan, Or This literal Crazy

Insanity By Kirstjen Nielsen Where She lies

like a Creepy Dog for him. THEY will be the

worst Remembered. No Character, no spine

no honesty, no Humanity, no soul & no dice

Those Leaving The Party, Well actually they

are All Sprinting From The Party Due to the

(No Shit)

stinging “Career” Ending Effects. To Them I

ask, “What Exactly Did You Think You were

getting Policy Wise from this Party?” This is

Getting So Bad, Democrats Are Winning All

of the “Special Elections”. It means nothing

Until Congress Flips, And More Progressives

take Power. Until Then, “Business” as Usual

but, they have Clearly All Been warned Here

And NOW On To Bannon. He Will be Talking

To Mueller And if he lies, Then a Grand Jury


and If His “Lies” Don’t Match With the Truth

he will be Going to jail and rolling over soon

If midnight is their deadline….it’s about 1 til

NOTE : And Now, Even More Molesting Priests
In Chile Are Being Found Out About. Weep As
You Might Rightly Do, But Bring Em To Justice
Ending Their ‘Careers’ Now Or Its Meaningless
NOTE II: A Reporter Jim Acosta Kicked Out Of
The White House Cause, “Don’t Ask Questions!”
This Is Clearly, A 1st Amendment FREE PRESS
Violation On Every Front And Is 3rd World Shit

Have a day!

All that “Winning” Mueller isn’t fucking around

& never was. Bannon was Subpoenaed by the

(Ahhh, Creepy)

Grand Jury, Signaling a new more Deadly phase

for Kushner, Don Jr, And ‘Trumple Thin Skinned’

FLUSH Can you hear that Sound of Tiny Jail Cell

toilet?!? Speaking Insanely hateful racist piles of

shit, the entire Republican Party Today since the

1960’s Political Siding With the hateful Southern

Strategy. Anyone Shocked By Trump or His Hate

simply has ignored their Words, policies, and the

overt xenophobic hate they’ve all Espoused since

(We All Do)

Lee Atwater Clearly Stated It long Ago. If you’re

a Women, Minority, African American, immigrant

LGBTQ, or Any Citizen who Follows All Of The US

Constitution…….they do not fucking like you at all

NOTE : President Bigot Shithole Is Actually In Good
Health, Both Physical, And Mental “According” To A
White House Doctor. Well, There Goes His “I’m Just
Crazy” Excuse Moving Forward. Oooooooooooooops
NOTE II: Net Neutrality Might Be Restored. Ohhhhh
Boy, We Are ‘VERY’ Close Here. Call ALL The Reps &
All We Need, Is ONE More Vote. It Still Must Hold A
Republican House, & Then Trump. Oooooooooooops!

Have a day!

Happy MLK Day!

January 15th, 2018

I had a dream….that we all got the day off

school/work. Sadly, If You’re Reading This


you know I am Working. We, if typing is a

form of “Work”. Yeah, It Is, ask any writer

Our country is Under The Guidance of one

fat loud Racist fuckin’ prick. His Shitstorm

will Never Go Away. DACA was Killed by a

fat Orange man Baby filled with Hate. And,

he knows Exactly why he Did It. Oh & Troy

Goudy Doddie “Resigned” from The House

Ethics Committee. Somethin’ big’s Coming

(We Know)

The entire world does know who and what

Trump & his filthy Sociopath Followers Are

They tell Us “Everyday” with their Support

RIPĀ  : To Cranberries “Lead Singer” Dolores
O’Riordan Her “Voice”, Was Iconic & All Her
Songs Etched In Memories For Us People In
In All Those Early 1990’s. Linger, Zombie, &
More Were Amazing. Boy…..She’ll Be Missed

Have a day!

Now, The Fat Racist POS Lied…

January 12th, 2018

Again. Trump is a whole new word. He is

a “Nutzi”. This Is A Deeply Racist Hateful

(Told Ya!)

ignorant tiny Nothing sub-human. He’s a

pile of dog shit smeared on the shoe that

is America today. Trump Is Racist. And if

your support Trump, you support Racism

This is Not In Question any longer. Nope!

And the Sick Part, He Lies About the hate

he says daily. Our country’s At A New low,

and yet I still hold hope. The Entire world

is watching. We will let Mueller work, and


vote, vote, vote. So, this kind of Shit never

Happens Ever Again. Oh, & Most All Of The

Republicans (Save For Scott & Graham) All

state he didn’t Say just what he Said. Oops

NOTE : And, While We Are All Talking About
THIS Silly Shit, A New NSA Spying Bill, Just
Fucking Passed Violatin The 4th Amendment
And 65 other Democrats Went Along With It

Have a weekend!

The cover of times pretty much tells the

tale of the Tape for Trumpy’s 1st Year in

(We Know)

office. It’s sad, disgusting, ignorant, and

insane lying racism. We are only a week

and 2 daysaway from the 1 year mark &

it shows signs of not lasting 1 and a half

Speaking Of People Rolling Over, On The

Loud, Orange Anus, “Manafort” Is Being

“Sued” By A Russian Oligarch For Lying

About What He did With “Some” of their

Fucking Money. They’re all Super fucked

(Felon Coming)

Nothing like the people you claimed you

never knew, that you never worked with

asking For “Some” of the Tainted $ back

And Trump Today Just Stated “Why are

we having all these people from shithole

counties coming here?!?!” Ahhhhhh yes

I recall The Plaque On Lady Liberty that

reads, “If you are From A shit hole, turn

your Ass Around And LEAVE”. He is the

Single Worst “Non-Human” being to not

(We Know)

only hold the “Office” of The Presidency

But One Of The Most loathsome hateful

bigoted lyin’ assholes to roam the earth

It’s like having A 4chan or reddit troll in

the Most Powerful Position in the World

But, not for long……..Tick tock, tick tock

NOTE : Kansas Leaving Thief, Sam “Liar”
Brownback ‘Thinks’, When There Is No $
Left, Put Education, On The Credit Card
Republicans, Do Not Like It & Democrats
Don’t Like It Either. They ‘Rob’ The Place
Barren, Then Want Interest To Be Paid 4
Your Fucking Children’s Future. Fuck Off

Have a day!

Damning Transcript & MOTUS…

January 10th, 2018

How’s all of That Winning?!?! How do ya

feel today lower Working class Merica?!?

(Enjoy morons!)

Especially When you Will get A Nice Cool

check For Around $500 much later in the

Year That Was long Gone/Spent Before it

arrived?! And all At The Cost of a Tax Cut

for $1.5 Trillion all to Our National deficit

We Just All Repeated the Fucking W Bush

Tax Cuts ya Fucking MORONS!!! And Yet

in all this “Winning”, we Get A Bombshell

in the “Fusion GPS Transcript”….that was

(He Told It)

just Released to The Public AFTER ALL of

the Republicans Tried to block it. Oh it is

so over for their entire political party and

for aiding in this big charade it should be

We have Non-Partisan federal agencies &

all have Served us For Centuries trying to

Protect us all. And The 1st instinct of ALL

Republicans is to “Open fire on the Those

Messengers” from this Lunar Treasonous

corner. We do Not have a POTUS at all in

(So F’ed Up)

this country. We have a “Moron Of These

Un-United States” Today. And while he is

pure insanity, those around ALL enabling

him will all be, the mostĀ vilified in history

NOTE: Mueller Just Added A Cyber Crimes
Prosecutor To The Team Addin’ A Late Big
Wrinkle Their Net Already Has All It Wants
And, Is Now Getting WIDER. Ooooooooops

Have a day!

Get Out & LipStink…

January 9th, 2018

It Seems Stephen “Bigot” Miller, Chumps

talking SS Head was Escorted Out Of The

(“Just go!”)

CNN Set Area After Melting Down On Air

then Continuing to argue with the host &

Refusing To Leave. Only in Trumpy Land

can ya go Into Someone elses home, shit

on Their desk with lies, filibustering & BS

then Try To Insanely Claim YOU were the

clear “Victim”. Nothing Productive Comes

out of these lying Fucks. It’s going to end

all their alreadyfailed careers. They really

deserve “Everything” coming. Falling on a

(Bye bye!)

fat golden sword for orange anus ends em

all. Fine by me. Speaking Of the lying turd

He Was The CFP National Championship &

clearly Doesn’t Know the Words to our US

National Anthem…that he’s SO Upset that

some citizens “kneel” for. Perhaps fucko is

the type of Child That Should LEARN all of

the words, what they mean, & why. Ahhhh

but he never will. It’s like a Fat child who’s

(“Say can u pee?”)

juggling their own feces yelling “Chocolate!”

NOTE: Racist Corrupt Cop Felon Joe Arpaio’s
Running For The Senate. Holy Fuck This Shit
And ALL Republicans Who Support This, Will
ALL Be Beaten ‘Hard’ At The Polls, FOREVER
Their Entire Party Can Never Run From THIS

Have a day!

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