Remember that one time when a cop asked that

known rapist if he Raped 50 women & he simply

(We know!)

answered “Oh, no, I did not”. Then the cop said,

“He said he did Not do it, so lets all ignore large

amounts of Evidence, DNA links & when he told

me he Did It. Nothing to See Here”. In what can

Only Be Called A “Big Batshitcrazy Bizarre Press

Conference” with Putin; I Am Getting Really sick

of typing this. This is Not A “Game”. The Fate of

our Entire Country’s at stake. And we have a fat,

lying, Racist, Insane POS at the Helm Driving all

(<-Asshole Twins)

of us directly Into an iceberg at fullspeed. Oh my

these are Historically “insane” Times. Mr. Mueller,

if you’re Reading This Or listening, Ensure you do

the most honest, Accurate job here. If you do not

we might Never recover for decades. No pressure

NOTE: Racist Papa Jerk, Is GONE. There Are A LOT
of Racist Assholes Like Him in Corporate America &
It About Time, They Were Gone. Enough’s ENOUGH
NOTE II : UK Protests AGAINST Trump Were HUGE
And Clearly they Hate Him With A 77% Disapproval
Rating. And The ‘Queens Kids’, Avoided Him Quickly

Have a day!

“Stone” Cold BUSTED!

July 13th, 2018

As the lying Racist Orange Anus Spews His

hate, lies and attacks the very fabric of our

(We Know)

countries laws/values/rules……his days are

numbered. Mueller Just Busted 12 Russian

“Intelligence Officers”, Charged, & Indicted

for hacking the 2016 US Election. Ooooops

And guess what, Rodger Stone Trumps big

“confidant” who directly “interacted” with 1

of the hackers indicted, is Now Back On the

hot seat. It’s almost all over now. Tick Tock

NOTE: Europe, Doesn’t Want Trump There &
Boy Does It Show Protests Erupt Against The
Orange Anus. Things, Will Get Worse For Him

Have a weekend!

Yesterday and last Friday. We have been dealing

with a Death in the family. No excuses, just facts

(<R-Goodlatte Liar)

Speaking of “Sorry nothings”…the entire bullshit

theater Today in Congress Against 2 FBI Agents

who had Texts about disliking Trump. Ahem that

Could Be 7 Million REPUBLICANS All “saying” the

exact samething. Forget this is an attempt 2 say

“The Dog Fucked my Homework” for the R’s who

are defending Trump. See, Trumps SCOTUS pick

is another sign of massive guilt in him wantin’ to

never let the POTUS be charged with crimes. It’s

INSANE We’re Here Right Now. INSANE. When it


so obviously clearly “Republicans Playing Partisan”

parlor games, we’re dying. Where are our Hero’s?

Our leaders? Voices for honestly, reality, Justice?!

Without Them, Our Country, Will Die In Plan Sight

Don’t any of us citizens, dare, let, that, happen!!!!

Have a day!

So today Racists spewing hate on cell cams,

California ADA’s Inciting Racist Murder, And


Trump Pardoning Felonious Cowboy Criminals

Makes this sadly a very horrific time in the US

history. Make no mistake, there are racist and

they want their hate back. This kind of hate is

not Acceptable Anymore. And using OUR cops

to Enact it, is Even Worse. Full house cleaning

Is needed. No More Of This. Ticket Those who

call The Cops On Citizens for racist reasons. It

Isn’t A Fucking Game. It’s literally life & Death

(It’s fucked up)

Speaking Of Shit Shows, Trumps Big SCOTUS

pick is a far Right wing idealogue. He was one

Part Of The ‘Ken Starr’ Clinton Hate, The 2000

Stolen Election & has a 99% Republican rating

He’s the Far right wing partisan hack to tilt the

court forever right. That’s all. When goin’ after

Clinton in The 90’s, he Unloaded & Now Trump

is fucked, He Changed his stance to Never ever

being able to punish a sitting POTUS. WTF?!?!?

(Far right winger)

Every sitting Congress person should fight this

fucking lunacy With Every inch. If they don’t it

is likely they will be gone in November if up for

re-election. This is next level evil shit. VOTE!!!!

Have a day!

It seems the Far Right Wing of hate is losing

very Badly These Days. See, they don’t ever

(Bye bye dick!)

understand the rules of governance because

their Overt ignorant Hate Takes no rigor but

understanding the rules/facts sure does. It’s

what Racists Do/Are. Well is Seems Britian’s

May is Economically “Trying” to do the Right

(She’s way FAR from doing all the rightstuff)

thing here. Which has pissed off the far right

wing racists Forcing them to Quit. Boris “The

(Same in UK)

Raw Hotdog Racist” Johnson quit along with

others. May is Sending A Clear Message that

she ‘Will Build Political Allies’ In Government

who won’t Tolerate this Racist Hate, lies and

reformation Of Nazism. No, No, No, no More

A Republican White Nationalist Is now trying

to “pretend” he is NOT a Racist POS. Oh boy,

they aren’t even tryin’ 2 hide it anymore and

(History of hate)

that’s A great thing. Their Party’s Utterly over

It always what the Southern Strategy shithole

NOTE: Tonight The Orange Anus Will Play Games
With His SCOTUS Pick, ‘Tonight’. No Matter As He
Always Does, Will Fuck It Up, Royally. Boooooooo

Have a day!

Hope your 4th Was Awesome and you lit

no short wicks or are missing any fingers

(Yeah Baby!)

It was such Great Fun Going To the Cubs

game & saw some fireworks. But we also

lost someone In our Family suddenly in a

tragic Sudden Event. It’s so very Sad and

now Our ‘Family’ Must All Stay That Much

Closer, Hold Each Other Tighter And Must

deal with this sadness every day. Speakin

of Terrible Shit Happening, our Entire Big

Country Is sick and Tired of Trump/All Of

(“I’m gone!”)

his Insane Lying Corrupt Minions. Scotty

Pruitt is GONE. He’s also going to have a

bunch of felonies pending. What was this

amazing Moment where this corrupt lyin

asshole was confronted Civilly by a voter

pointing out His ignorance, Hate and lies

Trump & crew Are ALL so fucked. Voters

aren’t buying their utter bullshit lies they

are Selling & Fed Up. Tick tock, tick tock!

(No More!)

Citizens lives aren’t some Game to just be

fucked Around With. This shit Won’t Stand

NOTE: Alan Dershowitz, Simply ‘Being’ Publicly
Shamed For Loathsome Views Isn’t A Violation
Of His “Rights”, Or ‘Hurt’ His Career. When You
Say Horrible Shit Private Citizens Choosing Not
2 Associate With Your Vile Assholeishness Isn’t
State-Sanctioned, American Apartheid. It’s Just
Other Human beings who Think You’re Vile Shit
NOTE II: Nazi Racist GOP’er, Oh How Expected
RIP: Ed Schultz Passed Away At 64 & was a big
Progressive Voice. More, Are Coming Every Day

Have a day!

In the “Well No Shit Sherlock” Zone Of Stuff,

The US Senate Finally slightly pulled its head

(We know)

from his Old, Crusty incompetent Asshole. In

their panel’s Finding Russia Directly Attacked

the 2016 Election Using Cyber, Actual People,

and assets to influence the Election. Trump is

toast…and all those around him as Well. Bang

Have a 4th!

Michael Cohen knows his days of freedom are over

Looooooong over & doesn’t give a flying fuck about

(“Oh shit!”)

Trump/Crew. Ooooooooooooopsy Dooooooooopsy

“My Wife, My Daughter And My Son Have My First
loyalty & always will. I put family and country first”

In other words “Plea Deal” Is Coming Fast. Book it

Speaking of “People Shitting Their pants”, it seems

That The GOP & The Democratic Establishment All

alike Are Terrified of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And

they SHOULD All Be. She is Actually “Offering” The

policies, As Massive Majority of Americans Want So

they are Panicing very badly right now. It seems to

Everyone When The K Street Establishment All See

(“I’m toast!”)

her as a threat, that’s the Right Policies to support

They are Attacking her personally for her Positions

are all easy To Explain, Popular & Can all be Easily

implemented. This is the Beginning of great things

Have a day!

It Seems A Vast Majority Of Trump Republicans

are willing to go down with the Orange Crapcile

(“Hold up fucker!”)

Make no mistake, they’re playing a very deadly

game here in attacking Mueller, the Grand Jury

AND Rod Rosenstein. They are virtually ending

“themselves” by Constantly callin’ into question

Their Moral Character (Which IS VASTLY better

than All Of Theirs). In these Hearings Rod’s not

fucking around. They Are ALL Republicans Who

are being ‘Attacked’ by Immoral, anti-American

Trump Republicans. They are punching the Cop

on duty, who is in their Party, right in the FACE

This Only Ends one Way For Them. VERY Badly

Have a weekend!

Another Mass Shooting…

June 28th, 2018

Five people are dead and several others Are “Gravely”

injured after a shooting at the Capital Gazette, a daily

(Pure Evil)

Local Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. They Have

the “shooter” in custody & he’s not cooperatin’. Well

no shit, he’s a Terrorist. We will Find out more about

him in The Coming Hours. This is yet Another day in

our country where Sane People weep & lying nothing

sociopaths kick the can down an endless Road with a

Load Of “Thoughts & Prayers” Bullshit Once Again. It

is simply Unacceptable in This Country to Have these

happening with Such Other Worldly Frequency. Smfh

Have a day!

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