The Orange Idiot Machine, is ‘Plummeting’

in Approval ratings Among Americans, he

(No shit!)

is echoin’ the exact same denial lie as the

fucking Kremlin. Oooooops. To add Insult

to stupidity, there might not be a State of

Union Address. Chump isn’t The ‘Sharpest’

knife in the draw. Shit he isn’t even a nice

KFC “Spork”. He, Started This Entire, Shut

Down. He created a Horrible trap, then he

walked right into IT! Stable Genius indeed

Pelosi correctly Pointed out, With Most Of

Government Shut Down, we legally Do not

(We Know)

have the proper security in place for a state

Of The ‘Union’, Speech. Game, Set, & Match

NOTE: Theresa May, Survives No Confidence Vote
By 19 Votes. Holy Shit she’s done. They will Either
‘Re-Vote’ on Brexit Or Do A Hard Pull Out. The last
one being “Let’s jump out of a plane with no chute”
NOTE II: Manafort Was Trying To Place “People” in
The Administration According to Mueller. Oooooops

Have a day!

As Orange Dumpster Fire Slowly Prepares For

jail, & Muellers team just got another 50 days

(We Know)

since Rick Gates is singin like (insert any 80’s

band here); the rest of the “World” is Dealing

with a UK version of Dump with a Brexit vote

The vote did not pass. May and her hard liner

“Brexitiers” took a big Shot in the groin today

There is no “renegotiation” from the EU, they

have the position of power here. It’s like a big

loud Child Screaming “I’m leaving darn you &

you Better Pay Attention”. The Parents Are all

(Go, leave!)

saying “Do not let the Door Hit you where the

good lord split ya”. They will Either Sack their

PM (May), 2nd vote now Knowing these facts,

scrapping Brexit, or Crashing out with no deal

James O’Brien Exposes “Brexit Voters” as just

exactly Who They. A Mixture Of Trump Voters

and Libertarians. You know, Objective morons

They know they’re Mad. That’s Good. But they

don’t Know WHY They Are Mad or Whom they

should Be Mad At. And now, Turning the page

(He didn’t)

to Our Government Shut Down. Turtle Mcshit

won’t even bring a vote 2 the floor; the entire

shutdown is ‘Owned’ by Republican & Trumpy

NOTE: Steve King Wasn’t Censured, He, Wasn’t Even
Verbally Chastised To Step Down From Office. All the
Republicans Said Was “He can’t serve on committees”
That Is Like Saying, “Keep Your Job, But No Goodies!”
No Moral Statements, No Comment On Trump saying
The EXACT Same “Horrific Vile Racist” shit; NOTHING
They simply DO, NOT, Care. They Only Want Power &
VOTES. Period. Their Party Will be Buried By This Shit
NOTE II: The Bob Barr is set Rather “Low”; and in his
Confirmation Hearing Said Some Good, Some bad and
Is Still In The End, Rumpy’s Selection Which Is so bad

Have a day!

The last fat, gout ridden shoe is now falling

with A thick “Thud”. The FBI has been on a

(<-Lie Hole)

fact Finding “Investigation” After Trump in

a “Fit of partisan Treason” fired Jim Comey

Yes ya read that correctly. They have been

watching/Hearing EVERYTHING Trump Has

being doing with Putin & saying. This spells

the end. Not only from Mueller coming, but

the FBI, & all across the agencies, have the

cold facts. Do not Pass GO, & do not collect

(Nice Cell)

$200. Rump tried his “usual bs” trillionth lie

saying “I never worked for Russia”. Now we

have his updated “I am not a crook” bullshit

NOTE: Rand Paul, Getting His “Hernia Surgery” In
CANADA! You Know, Where They Have, Universal
Healthcare. Oooooooooops republicans Are Frauds
NOTE II: Republicans, VERY Quiet About Racist, &
White Supremacist Steve King of IA. It is ‘because’
This Goes FAR Past King & Into The Core Of all R’s
McCarthy Vows “Swift Action” But; Has He HEARD
Trump talk?!? He & Buchanan spew the same hate

Have a day!

Wall Lies, Stern Warning…

January 11th, 2019

As this Week of Batshitcrazy Closes Out, We are

all left with One Thing. This Orange Ass has now


lied AGAIN. He tried to Claim he Never said that

“Mexico Would Pay For the Wall”. Wow, he must

be Upset from All That Footage of him lying then

His Old Construction Vice President Said That he

“I never thought he was a great dealmaker…He’s

never responsible it’s always someone elses fault”

If You Are An American Tax Payer, & You Support

Rump. YOU, ARE, A, SUCKER!!! A Rube, A Pigeon,

a chump, dumb, daft, conned, a mark. It’s so bad


every his old buddy Howard Stern called his wall

“Something that morons can get behind”. Oh ya,

but “Moron’s” is far too Kind. How about zombie

clinical dumbshits unable to process reality/facts

Have a weekend!

Ex-Chump personal lawyer & felon Cohen

will be testifying, to Congress, Capitol Hill

(The End)

on February 7th. Oooooooooooooooooops

This Is great news for 80% of the Country

This is Bad News for those left standing in

a big, filthy, pile of, Orange Trumpian shit

As all this is happening ‘Dummy Don’ is in

full “I’m To Die In Jail” Mode. And, he’s so

right to think that. Because he will. But he

is WRONG To Think it’s Avoidable. It Is All

over but the Crying Now. He Went & Hired

17 new lawyers. And they “boldly” claimed

(Chance of walking)

That Trump; “Won’t Answer Any More ?’s”

from Mueller. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ahh Yes,

The Ol’ “After Committing Crimes, I’m Not

answering Any more of your Questions ya

coppers!”. Nope, he & his Crew are fucked

NOTE: The Entire Government Shut-Down Is Now
Overwhelmingly Blamed on Trump, & Republicans
They Are Making Government Workers Suffer FOR
NOTHING. The Country, Have “All” ENOUGH OF IT
Everyday that passes Hurting Others, They Own It
NOTE II: Judge Napolitano, From ‘FOX’, Just SAID,
The Trumps Campaign Committed “Collusion”. OH
Boy is this Bad News for Every Republican in office

Have a day!

The Orange Failed Fraud hit a brick wall

last night. And Mexico didn’t “pay” for it

(We Know)

No one really Tuned In to hear more lies

or this Utter Non-Sense babbling bullshit

He lied with every bloated, flabby breath

And it didn’t stop after all of the cameras

shut down. They Continued Into Today &

his Tantrums Escalated. Trump, Met With

Chuck Schumer, & Speaker, Nancy Pelosi

The “Meeting” Wasn’t Even, A Meeting. It

was A ‘Child’, Demanding His Wall. Nancy


Pelosi said “No”. He Stormed Out. And it

is yet another example of americans who

are Finished with this Racist, lying fucker

His Actions in Immorally Holding Peoples

LIVES Hostage, Without Pay, Will Be, The

final Step before he is arrested and jailed

Mueller Will Likely be wrapping things up

by the 2nd Week Of March. And now that

we Found out Manafort Gave Polling To a


Russian Agent; Conway, Don Jr. & Jared

are the Next to Fall. Followed by Trumpy

and Pence. Tick, Tock is Over. Times Up!

NOTE: Don Jr. Must Know, That Jail Is Looming
So, He’s Dialing Up His Aryan Racist Hate Here
Calling Immigrants Zoo Animals. The Next Two
Months Will ‘Not’ Be Kind To Don Jr., & Trumpy

Have a day!

Slime Time…

January 8th, 2019

The Orange fraud, is Taking His WWF Bullshit

fest of lies to “prime time”. Why the media is

(Deny it O2)

even playing Along with such A Disgusting lie

solely for Ad Revenue is also horrible. I won’t

be watching, nor Will ‘Most’ Americans. Sure,

you might See your Hard Core MAGA fucks in

the ratings tucked deep, but it will be a bomb

See, once you’re A Racist, lying, immoral pile

of shit abusing others daily…..citizens get it &

change The Channel. He’s Just A “Re-Run” Of

himself. America Is Finished With him, his BS,

his hate, & his lies. Mueller, Not even close to

(Tick tock!)

done with him. All this Will come to A Head; a

big, fat, empty, poorly groomed, Orange head

NOTE: Trumps Knows He Can’t Declare A “State Of
Emergency” To Implement, The Wall Alone. He Is A
Moron, Fraud, Lunatic, Liar, cheat and he’s Finished

Have a day!

The Shut Down Continues…

January 7th, 2019

Make no Mistakes Here. This ‘Shut Down’ Could

have been avoided. It wasn’t. It is about a Wall


and a Tiny Hateful Bigot Wanting to Burn it All

down. Republicans are the Core reason for the

Shut Down. Them and Trump standing side by

side over a Wall Of Hate, that Mexico isn’t ever

paying for…….that’s why they are holding all of

our TAX DOLLARS Hostage to Do it. This ‘ends’

badly, for Republicans in Government Standing

with Trump, Instead of Citizens, Workers & our

Representative Democracy; this is more lunacy

(Not Good)

And now, Trump/The WH Tried To “Order” Back

the IRS to pay out refunds. Ahhhhh no, ya utter

morons. CONGRESS Controls the “Power” of the

purse. But every 6th Grader knows this; not the

insane Morons ‘in Charge’ Right Now. Disgusting

NOTE: The Bears Choke Losing Against The Eagles
16-15. Parky Got His Kick Blocked But That Wasn’t
The Main Reason, We Lost. No Game Plan, For The
Playoff’s From Nagy & No O; Until The 4th Quarter!

Have a day!

The Republican Party Are Scared Of Her. They

seriously should be. She is Young, Firey, Read,

(“Hi world!”)

informed & Armed With Specific ‘Policies’ That

the Entire country LOVES. She encapsulates a

Policy Set, from Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, &

many, MANY More. These Are ‘Popular Polices’

and have been so with such strong polling. The

facts are in. The “Reason” they are so terrified

is they know their policies Won’t win. Ooooops

They will attack, hate, lie, lie again, abuse and

NOTHING will work; she sticks with the policies

Have a weekend!

Democrats Take Over House…

January 3rd, 2019

And if Pelosi & crew take the “usual tact” & do

not Enact the Policies that Elected Them (Help

(Hammer Time!)

Stop Mass Shootings, Medicare for All, Voting

right ensured, Proper Helpful Regulation, and

Reforming Education/SS/’Minimum Wage’ For

ALL citizens)they will be shown the door. The

“Progressive Platform” is By Far SO Massively

Popular among Citizens by 70% plus approval

for Those Policies. Trump Is also Fucked Badly

Investigations have already just Started Again

Republicans “Hitched” Their Evil Wagons To an

(Serve Voters!)

illegal upside down Port-a-John. Shit’s running

all over their faces right now & has ended their

Political Party For the Next 30-40 Years. Ooops

The entire World is ‘Watching’ in Such Sadness

NOTE: On A Nice Note, Today, Signifies The Largest
Total Of Woman Elected To Congress. It is A START
Almost Were ALL Elected, as Democrats. These BIG
Numbers show how Clearly Different the Parties Are

Have a day!

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