November 17th, 2017

Alan Moore’s graphic novel is simply

(See the movie)

a Fantastic piece of art that any lover

of comics, Drama, Action, Philosophy,

human Nature, Politics, Intrigue, Fire,

mystery, and science. Thank me later

NOTE : Sherrod Brown Launched Into
A Clean Attack On Orin Hatch’s Insane
Claim On The ‘Tax Cuts’ For A Top 1%
That Was “Poor Once”. WTF?!? So That
Has ‘Nothing’ To Do With The Policy He
Supports To ‘HELP’ The Top 1%. Pricks

Have a weekend!

Well, the Sociopaths are at it AGAIN

Republicans in the house just passed

(“You’re all fucked”)

their draconian cuts for all top 1% &

ending the Mandate In the ACA thru

the House Today. Will it pass the US

Senate To become law?! That is less

clear. Get Out, Speak Up & Yell From

the Roof Tops “Fuck no!”. This is just

A Giveaway To The Mega Wealthy At

The Expense Of The Rest. Disgusting

This really does end a Ton of Careers

For Republicans. And I Say GOOOOD

(These frauds)

This is likely to die in the Senate with

the ACA Attached to it. It’s really just

the SAME vote they all already Made

only Way, Way, Way Worse. It Would

Be “Indefensible” in Any Re-Elections

NOTE : “Moore” Coming Forward Daily
Boy I Hope He Stays In The Race They
Would Be “Branded” Forever, For THIS
NOTE II : Al Fraken In Hot Water Over
Possible ‘Sexual’ Misconduct. It Was In
2006 During A USO Tour. It Was A Pic
And “Kissing” To Hard In A Sketch. He
Has Since “Apologized” (see How THIS
Works Unlike Republicans?!?!) For That

Have a day!

While 6 Democrats write up Articles of

Impeachment I’d ‘Say’ Mueller Is Hard


at work right Now Finding way more to

hammer Trump with. See, reality has a

strange way of Always Being True. This

is going to be A Terrible Holiday season

for The Orange Tainted Bloated Bottom

Button. Stripes really are his Color they

go SO Well With Cheeto Bronze. As this

loud shit Spewing Fart muncher tries to

(Wha happen?!?!)

distract from his demise… gets worse

for him daily. Tick tock, tick tock people

NOTE: Deadpool 2 Trailer Is Hilariously
Rocking, With A “Joy Of Painting” Spoof

Have a day!

Sessions Schooled & Moore Lies

November 14th, 2017

Jeff “Confederate Bigot” Sessions Elf

had a “hearing” where he was simply

(<-Perjury Part)

Decimated By Congressman Hakeem

Jeffries (D-NY). Not only did he Blast

Sessions for Clear Perjury, he quickly

noted these are all sessions own legal

standards He Used Against a Cop and

Bill Clinton. Ooooooooooooooooooops

Is Was A Fucking “Mic Drop” Moment

Sessions had is own Legal view thrust

against his Own Unlawful Actions and

(<The Hammer)

words. Perjury is Very Clear here now

and he’s going Down for it. BOOM!!!!!

Defenders Of Moore Are…

Not Human Beings. They are Soulless

creatures Spewing lies, hate & simply

(Sick Fuck!)

defendin’ the Actions of the pedophile

You know, many Religious types. This

isn’t some game. Ignoring & justifying

immoral shit with Russian propaganda

Whataboutsims while defending a guy

that is “unlawfully evil”, shows exactly

WHO, The ‘Republican Party’ IS Today

Advertisers, Are Pulling Out In Protest

From Hannity. GOP, Has A New Motto:

(Going Down)

“Vote GOP, That 14 Year Old Girl Was

Asking For It!”. They’re all going down

NOTE: Trump “Cozy’s” Up To Putin While
‘Trusting Him’ About Election Meddling, &
We All Know He Did. Trump Loves Daddy
Putin More Than Reality Or News Because
You Know Where Your ‘Bread’ Is Buttered

Have a day!

Down Goes Roy Moore…

November 13th, 2017

When you think of Republicans today

sadly you think of Miller, Bannon and


a slew of other slimy bigoted cheating

frauds. The last sane one’s of Wallace,

McCain (Today), Corker And Simply a

Scant Few  (Collins, Murkowski, ETC.)

They are all in trouble. They are Louis

CK without the blowback yet ha ha ha

Roy Moore is going down and he’s the

lowest of low. He denies it. Disgusting

Have a day!

Orient On The Murder Express…

November 10th, 2017

ZING! Yes, that’s what Trump Is Doing

in Japan right now. But the movie does

(Japan’s PM)

sound good too. Murder On The Orient

Express super disco Who-Done-It. Ohh

speaking of Who Done It’s, Louis CK Is

someone Who “Did it”. Very sad sexual

harassment Story, which is Simply Vile

And Gross. His Apology Does Fully And

honestly Grasp WHY it was wrong so it

is a start 2 a long overdue conversation

(Full Disclosure, I know Two of the girls
in the story Dana & Julia. They don’t lie
and must be utterly Shattered With this
Much love out to them both. This is sad)

Have a weekend!

The Page Is Turned…

November 9th, 2017

Hey Democrats, Don’t Celebrate Just

yet. In fact, give yourself a Lil pat on

(Stay down)

The Back, For Tuesday, But NOW The

real Work starts. Policy, policy, policy

and Specific Things you want to enact

While Stating “EXACTLY” How You are

going to Do it. On policy you’ll always

Win. ‘Period’. Unless, You Get Yourself

Into A “Pissing” Match. All that does is

get everyone wet. The bad kind of wet

The ‘Entire’ Republican Party is Simply

(D’s Will)

committing political suicide. Let them

The second Trump was elected & they

supported him……it was over. They’ve

gone the way of the Whigs. When any

Political Party, Can’t Govern, Does not

Have ANY Policy Ideas, That Work For

97% of The Entire Country and Try to

Enact “HORRIBLE” Policies, Solely For

Their Lobbyist/Donors, They are Done

NOTE: Woman Accuses R – Roy Moore
Of Groping Her When She Was 14. Oh,
Boy, They Are All Going Down So FAST

Have a day!

Trump/Republicans Decimated…

November 8th, 2017

In The Elections last Night A shot fired

across the political bow. Wait, did I say


“A shot fired”? I meant a mega hole in

the side Of The SS Trump/Republicans

Tons of elections and Virginia correctly

rejected Racism, hate, ignorance & evil

Jersey rejected hate, & The Entire USA

has as well. Forget Trump & all His Ass

hole Republican dopes Won’t learn any

THING from This, But 2018, 2020, And

2022 are all Coming up. Oooooooooops

Pennsylvania, Minnesota, California and

(More to come!)

Seattle All Rejected Trumpism. Oh and

by A little….but by these big landslides

This Means NOTHING Without A Sound

policy Follow Through And Clear/Clean

visions of leadership to help all citizens

Rally, lead, listen, care, Enact and Vote

And Republicans, Are All ‘Leaving’ Their

seats (even safe one’s) cause of Trump

and the Lunatic Ultra Right Republicans

(Thanks Trump)

Republicans don’t learn, they don’t ever

Grow/listen/Adapt. They Are Now Toast

NOTE : FOX/The Republicans, Are Losing
Their Minds. Well, They Never Had Them
Maria Bartiromo, “Devolves” Into Fantasy
Land Ignoring Reality Favoring Dreaming
Oh, I Recall Her Trump Tongue Bath She
Gave Him. She Is A Lying ‘Partisan’ Fraud
No Matter, Reality Always Seems To WIN

Have a day!

Virginia Race & Flipping Off…

November 7th, 2017

Today Virginia will Vote and they will

all likely reject the Racist hate of the


Trumpolozia hate. The Demographics

support Northam getting Elected, But

it won’t happen Without Votes. And it

is clear the country rejects trump and

his racist, traitorous lunacy. Shit even

Hillary Clinton Carried That State And

That is something. Speaking of People

“speaking out” the worlds newest cool

hero Flipped Off Trumps Motorcade &

then Got Fired. WTF!?!?! From A Place


with Government contracts. Oooooooh

I get it. Bad for Business, you are fired

Yep, just like the Real World but Juli is

a New Hero. Julie Briskman, thank you

Truth to power’s Always welcome Here

NOTE : Make No Mistake Here, All Those
Republicans Are Getting Calls From Their
Top 1% Donors Sayin’ If They Don’t Pass
Those Tax Cuts For “Billionaires” While It
RAISES Taxes. On The Poor/Middle Class
Don’t Bother Calling Back Cause No Cash
This Is Sheer Lunacy. Vote Every Asshole
Out Yesterday!!! If Not They Will Rape Us

Have a day!

The horror of a shooter killing 26

people in a fucking Church Stings

(Hurts us all)

so hard it’s not easy to type. BUT

this will happen Again, & again, &

again until We All Thoughtfully do

something that Keeps weapons of

Death From The Mentally Ill Folks

Hands. Until That Point, We’ll Not

grow Numb to This insanity. We’ll

fight daily to fix it. Speakin’ of the

definition Of “Insanity” as Trumpy

circles the drain ready for Jail and

(All busted!)

ALL Republicans sit doing nothing

We All Notice Flynn & Many More

are on Mueller’s “Radar” for other

indictments that will surely be the

next up. Ahem, so are Donny Jr &

Kushner. That puts the Orange Id

in the Crosshairs. Ooooooooooops

NOTE: Virginia Election Tomorrow
So We Will See If Turnout Is HIGH
It Favors the Democrat, If LOW, IT
Favors The Republican. D Northam
Leads Right ‘Now‘ +3.3 But Means
Nothing Unless You ALL GO VOTE!!
NOTE II: Rand Paul, Was “Tackled”
On His Front Lawn & While Mowing
It By His Neighbor Of 17 Years. Oh
Boy. Neighbors Just Don’t Tackle U
Out Of The Blue, Cracking 3-4 Ribs
For Nothing. It’s Either Wife/Cash/
Screwed Him Over Deal You Watch
The Reason?! He’s Not SAYIN’ Why
Which Means It Looks Bad For Him

Have a day!

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